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User inspired Twitter strategy created to launch Brazilian most famous rap group discography on Spotify.

Since Spotify launch on Brazil, people were invading their social channels to claim for the same thing: the songs of the biggest national rap group.

This was our insight to create the launch campaign of Racionais discography: we invited their fans to keep claiming, but instead of doing it separately, we asked them to do it using the hashtag #WeWantRacionais


In partnership with Flock2Unlock, we created a Twitter strategy that would release the songs automatically as soon as the hashtag counter reached 100%.


During the campaign, we created more posts that showed people the releasing bar status and also asked for more tweets – everything using the band language style.


When we finally reached 100%, we released the albuns on spotify and prepared a video tribute for their fans that you can see below.


To celebrate the launch and pay tribute to all the fans that helped to release the full discography, we created a video that shows the band and their fans trail from vinyl till Spotify era.


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