>>> background


We created a 360º project to introduce the digital world for two sweet grandmas and show everyone else how easy it is to use Itaú's app.


The digital lessons continued on Youtube: we invited Brazilian famous vloggers to teach our grandmas how they could become digital experts.


Teachers Pathy and Kéfera with snapchat and boomerang lessons



To bring the vloggers back to Facebook, we adapted the content to the platform, creating 60 seconds versions of the vloggers lessons.

Teachers Castanhari with Pokemon Go and Tinder lessons.


Then we used retargeting strategy to deliver even shorter videos totally focused on our campaign goal: app download.

Teacher Christian Figueiredo with VR Glasses lessons.


On grandfather's day, we brought our vovloggers to Twitter to share advices with people that joined the conversation with #GrandmaAdvices


Kéfera Buchmann


Pathy dos Reis






Christian Figueiredo


>>> Awards & recognition

- Effie Awards 1x - first award in the history of África Agency